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A deep dive into your needs /

Our legal recruitment practices are shaped by years of experience working with amazing organisations and candidates. We’re not interested in helping you to find anyone who could fill a role; instead, we want to connect you with those people who are a great fit and will have a meaningful impact on your business – now and in the future.

It all starts with a deep dive into your needs. We get to know your business, culture, values, and the role to start planning a search that targets all the right people. Then we share just those candidates who we believe are a really strong match for the role you’re trying to fill. Finally, we can support the interview, offer, and reference check process, so that you can focus on welcoming your newest team member.

Keep reading to discover our recruitment methodology.

Our methodology /

What are you looking for ?
A deep dive into your needs

Develop role-specific requirements including culture and organisation fit

Define a search timeline
Let’s make a plan
Targeted search on potential candidates

Identify and screen candidates on technical competency, motivations and cultural fit

Final shortlist of candidates that fit all the criteria
Time to meet candidates
Presentation of shortlisted candidates

Support the interview and selection process

Assistance with post-interview debrief and calibration reviews
Seal the deal
Final selection of preferred candidate

Background and reference checks

Communication of job offer

Management of resignation process and potential counter-offer
By your side, all the way
Manage the transition period for both parties

Ensure your new team member is successfully integrated into the business
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